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The launch of FaceApp in 2017, has significantly transformed photo editing applications. Shortly after its start, a big variety of apps were developed to compete with FaceApp. These apps allow users to change their age, look like their friends, or simply change their overall appearance. Augmented Reality technology plays a big part in the development and the functioning of FaceApp alternatives. Whilst there are countless examples of editing applications, there is only one, which has incorporated scientific research to put you in charge of how you are perceived by others.

There are countless Face editing applications out there, but here are some of the most popular ones:


This app allows you to switch faces with celebrities or movie characters thanks to deepfake technology. It is a fun-based app and already has over 10 million downloads.

Pixl – Face Retouch & Blemish Remover Photo Editor

Itretouches and tunes your face portrait within a second by applying impressive filters. Moreover, it can change the shape of your face, make your teeth look whiter and simply can make you look like a celebrity.  

Facetune2 – Selfie Editor, Beauty & Makeover App

Facetune2 edits your selfie in next to no time right after you took the photo. It offers a convenient comparison tool which allows you to compare images before and after you edited them. Facetune2 has an easy-to-use makeup brush which retouches your selfies and helps to fix some little problems such as a messed-up hairline. As we have seen many times it can happen that there are way too many Facetune fails.


There is however, one application which stand out from the others. FacePlus gives you the possibility to control the “first impression” you make on others and gives you insight into how your changes will be perceived by others. Although some people might claim that it is impossible to change or control your first impression, it is in fact possible. Where apps like Facetune fail to deliver, FacePlus succeeds and allows you to control the first impression you make on others.

With FacePlus you are in charge of how you are perceived by others!

FacePlus is based around scientific research and a scientifically validated AI. All changes made to your facial structure are based on psychological research. That’s why all filters are so real, accurate and never disbalance your personality.

Whilst with all other applications it is possible to make great changes which have the potential to be recognized by your audience, with FacePlus we morph your facial features slightly. This allows for our changes not to be recognized by your audience but triggers a significantly different psychological reaction in your viewers.

There are many uses for FacePlus. It allows you to look more trustworthy and happier to your Instagram and Facebook audience, it allows you to look more attractive to potential partners on dating platforms and it enables you to leave a competent impression on LinkedIn or on your CV for all your potential employers.

The greatest advantage is that you have the possibility to keep the same changes on all photos from your existing profile, and as a result “keep” your first impression “in the same tune” around your entire profile.

It is up to you which first impression you want to give but FacePlus is the best tool to use to make the ideal first impression!

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