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The rising influence of social media on our modern society has become one of the most controversial topics in the past few years. Although there exist many advantages such as being a part of an internationalized community, there are some negative aspects. One of the biggest problems nowadays, specifically for the female audience are the exaggerated beauty standards created by excessive editing. FacePlus provides a tool by which to change your perception without creating false beauty standards.

While editing pictures and making yourself look perfect for social media sometimes we accidentally can go too far. All so often, small changes can lead to big mistakes, which will make you look like a different person. Even more so exaggerated changes can lead to your audience noticing them, in turn hurting your image.

“Playing around” with filters can lead to unrealistic changes which will make you look like an entirely different person.

Here are some fails to look out for while editing your pictures:

Over Whitening Teeth

Your teeth usually don’t glow in real life, so they should not do that in your photos either.  You can easily take out a little yellow or brighten them a bit by filters, but make sure that when someone looks at the image, the over whitened teeth don’t jump out first as the first thing they notice.

Plastic Skin

Skin filters, that entirely change the appearance and texture of your skin, are probably the most popular filters these days.  Nobody wants to have wrinkles, acne, and other skin defects.  The most common fail is to completely exaggerate with these skin changing tools, so that your skin looks unrealistically smooth. So don’t play around with such morphs too much.

Re-Shaping Your Face

When somebody touches the face shape it usually leads to unrealistic results, because our face shape is unique for every one of us and thus it determines our appearance. So, do yourself a favor and stop re shaping your facial structure too much before you put a picture of a totally different person to your social media profiles.

Overdone Eyes

The eyes are the centrepiece of the photo in most of the cases. There are many ways to make your eyes spark and more colorful to capture the viewer’s attention. However, exaggerated editing might lead to you ending up with unrealistic and unwanted results, showcasing your eyes in a better looking but extremely idealistic way.

It is difficult to know when to stop filtering and morphing your image so that it does not look too unrealistic, but there is a perfect tool to help you with exactly that problem. The Faceplus App applies realistic changes to your photos, it does not create artificial looking pictures, therefore the person stays themselves both in social media and real life. Where Facetune fails to deliver authentic pictures of yourself, Faceplus provides said authenticity whilst your appearance still changes to your liking. Your audience will never recognize that any changes have been made and you will be perceived just like you always wanted to be.

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