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Since the early 2010s social media has taken over an essential part of our lives. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other apps have more and more influence on your appearance within society, and as a result, influence what first impression you have on others. Nowadays, we use social media instead of traditional business cards to present ourselves in different environments like work, school or even relationship. In a sense our Social Media Accounts have become personal branding channels, whereby we market ourselves to our friends, business partners and potential dates. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to make the right appearance, whether it is looking competent to our business partners on LinkedIn, attractive to potential dates on tinder, or happy on our Instagram accounts. But how are we able to ensure that we make all the right impressions on all the selfies we upload to social media? The growth of selfie culture honestly is incredible BUT…  Does every Selfie represent you the way you truly want to be perceived? Are you sure that all hot and sexy selfies form your social media appearance in the right way?

There are plenty of apps such as Photoshop, FaceApp or Face Tune which are leading the unrealistic beauty standards charts. People become obsessed with changing their selfies so much that sometimes you can’t even recognize the real person behind all these crazy filters or the flawed changes make your editing recognizable and therefore undermine your appearance.

These unrealistic Filter applications can play a bad joke with you because they will affect your online appearance in a negative way. For example, by making you look silly. Therefore, it is important that we all find a balance between filtering and being ourselves.

So, what can really help you to form a great social media appearance?

The most important factor is to stay yourself and not to damage your own photos by using exaggerated beauty filters.  People must see you and your personality behind all photos posted on your social media. That is why it is important to use proper tools to make a good first impression on social media pages.

Stay yourself and remain confident, attractive, and trustworthy with this brand-new face tool Face Plus. Face Plus only morphs little details in your appearance which will significantly change the way people perceive you, without making you look ridiculously unrealistic.  Through scientifically based changes, FacePlus can make small adjustments to your facial features, which have an enormous impact on the psychological response of your audience.

Additionally, FacePlus will optimize your facial features the same way every time you upload an image, therefore keeping the changes coherent throughout your online presence and keeping your changes unrecognizable.


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